Refresher Driving Lessons Leeds

MD driving offers Refresher driving lessons Leeds. Not driven for a while or don’t feel confident on certain aspects of driving? Refresher driving lessons will help you build confidence and gain more driving skills.

“I had several refresher lessons with Martin and I could not recommend him highly enough. He’s incredibly reassuring and friendly. He moulds the session around your needs (I wanted to practice busy roundabouts, driving through the city centre and motorways) and gives you the confidence needed to stay calm and in control. The car itself is also really fun to drive. If you’re looking to build your confidence and be a safer driver, Martin’s your man!” Georgina Walls, Hawksworth, Leeds

Why take refresher driving lessons

Everyone at any level of driving can always improve their skills. Refresher driving lessons can help you with any subject you are not confident or comfortable with or have simply not previously learned. Having a qualified instructor on the lesson will help guide you in the best direction to cover the specific subject.

There are many reasons to take refresher driving lessons, including but not limited to.

    • Not driven for a long time
    • Bought a new car and want supervised practise
    • Had an accident and don’t feel confident getting back on the road
    • Never learnt how to bay park
    • Never been on a Motorway or driven through a city centre
    • Want to improve your confidence on roundabouts
    • Never driven in the UK before or on the left hand side
    • Preventing road rage
    • Ironing out bad habits related to safe driving, car control or efficiency

If you have recently passed your driving test, you may want to consider taking a Pass Plus course to more deeply cover all aspects of driving. Click for a quality affordable Pass Plus course in Leeds.

Refresher Driving Lessons Leeds

You can take however many lessons you feel you need to get confident. Many people do a single hour of lessons and feel fine with that. I have also had people take up to 12hrs of refresher lessons just to help them feel at ease on the road. Working hours are generally more flexible for refresher lessons as lessons are usually less regular than normal learner lessons. I may even be able to work weekends. You can use my car which is fitted with dual controls or you are welcome to take the lessons in your own car. I have conducted many refresher driving lessons now all with their own specific goals.

If you have any area of driving you would like to improve on, please contact me to discuss refresher driving lessons in Leeds.


Please note, I currently only have an automatic car, if you would prefer manual and have your own car you can use that. Rates are the same for refresher driving lessons as my normal driving lessons.

    • Standard rate £35/hr
    • 1hr 1.5 or 2hr lessons available

Driver training opportunities don’t have to end there either. You can always enhance your skills no matter how good a driver you are. There are further courses and qualifications that will improve your driving further, such as;

The Institute of Advanced Motorists

RoSPA Advanced Drivers Association

DIAmond Advanced Motorists