Pass Plus Leeds

Pass Plus is a training course aimed at new drivers to improve skills and confidence and to drive more safely on the roads. It can also lead to cheaper insurance premiums. Pass Plus aims to develop your skills and knowledge in specific areas of limited experience.

You have already demonstrated you can drive unsupervised on the road, by passing your test. But as a newly qualified driver you may lack driving experience. Newly qualified drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident and most drivers become safer through more miles and experience of situations. Pass Plus can bridge the gap giving safe, tuition-lead experience in specific areas.

Pass Plus Leeds is a 6 module course that covers urban, rural, dual carriageway, motorway, night time and all weather driving. You will cover all aspects of each module in depth and put into practice where possible. There is no test with Pass Plus, just a training course with ongoing assessment. You must cover all the modules to complete the course.

The key benefits for your driving are;

1. Gain quality experience

Drive in specific conditions with the help of a qualified instructor. Pass Plus is a 6 module course focussed on developing awareness and skills in urban, rural, dual carriageways, motorways, night time and all weather driving.

2. Enhance your skills

Build on your observation techniques that lead to more accurate assessment, better decision making and more confident actions. Improve your car control skills.

3. Develop a more positive driving style

Drive with a responsible, careful and considerate attitude. Develop a patient but progressive and confident driving style.

4. Reduce the risk of a crash

Practise your forward planning and anticipation to keep you and others safe. Be aware of the risks and develop techniques to maintain concentration.

5. Save money on car insurance

Some insurers offer discounted insurance premiums for a completed Pass Plus course. Check with your car insurer.

MD driving offers a quality 6 hour Pass Plus course, broken into 3, two-hour sections. Martin has instructed many Pass Plus courses to newly qualified drivers, all of which found the course to be very beneficial to their driving. The additional skills and practice can make the difference from people being a good driver to a fantastic, confident, progressive and safe driver. Contact MD driving today to book your Pass Plus course and enhance your driving for life.

Pass Plus Prices

  • £200 full course of 6 hours
  • Further optional hours £35/hr
  • Lessons normally 2 hour duration

Driver training opportunities don’t have to end there either. You can always enhance your skills no matter how good a driver you are. There are further courses and qualifications that will improve your driving further, such as;

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