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“Not my first instructor but by far the best. Easily passed my test first time with Martin’s help and enthusiasm. I highly recommend new drivers to get in touch with him as he’s easy to get along with and you’ll feel comfortable straight away.”

Yasmin Awal, Beeston, Leeds

“Martin is a patient and intuitive teacher; I can be quite a nervy driver but he was good at putting me at ease. I was driving abroad within 6 months of passing, I would definitely recommend him”

Vanessa Doyle, Hyde Park, Leeds

“Wasn’t my first instructor but was the best, easily recommended to all my friends (which I did, and then passed before me). Wasn’t an easy task gaining confidence for driving, but Martin puts you at ease, makes you feel relaxed and every lesson I felt like I was learning and improving. Took quite a while but finally got there in the end. Thank you Martin for supporting me all the way!! Without your help I don’t think I would have ever driven a car again let alone took another test!”

Sithu Miah, Beeston, Leeds

“Martin is a marvelous instructor; very patient, calm and positive. For me he turned learning to drive from a complicated headache into something that suddenly seemed quite simple. I’d been having lessons on and off with other instructors for years previously and had honestly reached the point where I thought I would probably never pass, but with Martin I finally found the confidence to do it!”

Laura Stubbs, Leeds City Centre

“Passed with Martin on first attempt after 3 months of lessons I think that says it all really. He’s an amazing instructor, really friendly, makes leaning to drive easy and fun and puts you at ease from the first lesson. He’s really patient and makes sure you understand where you went wrong and how to fix it, can’t recommend him enough. Took pass plus with him too which I would advise everyone to take as it improves driving skills and makes you more confident on the road and makes insurance a little cheaper too which is a bonus lol thank you Martin.”

Shena Begum, Beeston, Leeds

“Couldn’t recommend Martin enough! He’s very patient and relaxed when teaching and helps you to improve on any weak areas until you’re fully confident with them. He doesn’t make you feel pressured or rushed and helps to build up your confidence on all driving aspects. I would recommend Martin to anybody learning to drive!”

Sinead Corrigan, Headingly, Leeds

“Thank you Martin for getting me through and passing my driving test!! You really put me at ease as an instructor and were perfectly patient when I needed help ironing out my bumps in the road. Thanks for taking the time to make lessons fun and the learning experience so rewarding, you were always a calming influence and the best at building my confidence. Thank you so much!”

Gary Jones, Horsforth, Leeds

“Martin is an incredible instructor who ticked all the boxes of being a great teacher (I’m saying this as I’m a teacher trainer). He is incredibly patient, encouraging but also disciplined so he can stop you from picking up bad habits when driving. As a person he is openminded, friendly and funny too and that perhaps makes driving lessons a bit less scary and more fun. Thank you Martin again!!!”

Chung Pham, Hyde Park, Leeds

“Martin is a fantastic driving instructor who comes highly recommended! He was always very professional and patient. Martin made me feel at ease at all times and assisted me in building on my confidence when driving. Having tried a number of driving instructors I can honestly say he was the best, proud to say I passed with his assistance.”

Rebecca McLarty, Leeds City Centre

“Fantastic driving instructor who I cannot recommend enough. Martin was amazingly patient and really helped me overcome my nerves. He’s also incredibly friendly and really puts you at ease.”

Joanna Tipton, Armley, Leeds

“Martin put up with a lot with me bless his heart. Absolutely brilliant instructor, very patient and a great laugh as well. Would 100% recommend.”

Rachel Kelsey, Bramley, Leeds

“High quality service provided. Martin is a very professional driving instructor. I had very bad experience with my previous instructor and learning was so complicated…then I found Martin! All learning experience was given to me in easy going understanding without any complicated things. Looking forward to finishing my Pass Plus test soon. Thanks once again!”

Kristina Kossa, Beeston, Leeds

“As a mature student I found Martin to be a supportive, relaxed and knowledgeable instructor. I looked forward to every lesson and felt myself improving with each hour. If I was unsure about a certain process or manoeuvre Martin explained it clearly and we practised until I got it. I have come away as a confident driver who enjoys being on the road and I regularly think back to the lessons with Martin.”

Andy Abbott, Saltaire, Bradford

“My sister put me off learning to drive by telling me her instructor was horrible and also the most tedious person she had ever met: I was therefore pleasantly surprised to discover that Martin was neither of these things. Exceptionally patient, by which I mean he put up with me for months and months and months and never made me feel useless for being such a slow learner. Also full of random interesting conversation so being stuck in traffic during lessons is never dull. I went from dreading my weekly driving lessons to *almost* looking forward to them. Almost. All credit to Martin for getting me a pass with 3 minors on the second attempt despite friends and family (…OK, and me) anticipating another fail! Would definitelyrecommend him to others… if I knew anyone else who hadn’t already learned to drive. Which I don’t. Oh well. Thank you!”

Rachel Calder, Moortown, Leeds

“Martin is a calm and patient teacher, which is really important when you’re a first time driver. He put me at ease and learning to drive was an enjoyable experience. Thanks!”

Helen Fanthorpe, Hyde Park, Leeds

“Martin is a gracious and patient instructor. Never did I feel rushed, anxious or out of my depth. He pitched each lesson very well and gradually brought my driving confidence up. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone thinking of learning to drive.”

Andrew Forknell, Meanwood, Leeds

“Thank you for being so patient through all of my lessons, always explaining why we do things and not assuming that I’d understand straight away. You have been the best instructor I’ve ever had and I would recommend you to anyone I know.”

Natisha Greenaway, City Centre, Leeds

“Best driving instructor I’ve had. Martin is very chilled and relaxed which really helped me as I was nervous about everything on the road. Lessons are very good and cover everything quickly and effectively. Talks to you where you’ve gone wrong and doesn’t shout either. Brilliant instructor recommend to everyone!”

Haydi Holden, Woodhouse, Leeds

“I would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ for all your time, help and confidence you gave me. You have been very kind, gentle and very polite throughout my learning journey. I cant thank you enough but thank you for your excellent service.”

Deepali Bane, Hunslet, Leeds

“I’d been learning for a while with another instructor and not getting anywhere with him so gave Martin a whirl instead and passed 2nd time. Martin is really patient, relaxed and explains things clearly -and if you still don’t get it he’ll explain it differently until you do. I also learned a lot about vegetarian food, Waste Management and watching out for drunks wandering in to the roads of Armley. Highly recommended. Thanks very much!!”

Rhiannon Oliver, Armley, Leeds

“What can I say about Martin as a driving instructor?? Well he is the only instructor i stuck with. I passed 2nd time with one minor (1st fail was my fault) I’ve now been legal to be let loose on the roads for just over a year. I’ve had no accidents, and was on the motorway within a week of passing. I recommend him to all of my friends and would do to strangers on the street. His charm and humour is to be desired but joking aside he is a brilliant teacher, very patient and he doesn’t shout at you when you do stupid things.”

Leah Barry, Headingly, Leeds

“By far best instructor in Leeds I’m the dopiest man alive I nearly crashed his car so many times he never shouted or got mad and past me in 26 lessons (beat all my mates) appreciate all his teachings that are with me today, don’t take my word for it get a trial lesson and see for yourselves. Big big thanks martin from me and my family all the best and I will recommend you to everyone :D”

Tom Yuen, Woodhouse, Leeds

“Well what can I say, Martin did the impossible and taught me how to drive in under 30 hours! After my sister had a bad experience with her driving instructor, I was a bit nervous about starting my lessons, but Martin put me at ease and made me feel fine about it. He doesn’t shout when you clip someone’s wing mirror, or drive your back wheels over the roundabout instead of around it (oops!), he stays calm and just talks you through everything until you feel ready to do it alone. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who wants to start driving, I don’t think I would have been able to pass as quickly with any other instructor. It’s more like driving with a friend than with a teacher!”

Emily Stansfield, Meanwood, Leeds

“Fab instructor, very patient and helps you improve on weak areas! Would 100% recommend Martin to anyone! Thanks so much for teaching me all this time!! You’re a great instructor n even better for putting up with me haha! All the best :)”

Ellie Graham, Hyde Park, Leeds

“Thanks to Martin I officially have passed my practical makes you feel comfortable and a lot of jokes as well! Definitely recommended anyone that is looking to learn.”

Riman Miah, Beeston, Leeds

“Martin is a great teacher and knows how to make you progress with confidence. I passed my test with less than 30 hours of driving which is great! I highly recommend taking lessons with Martin.”

Cynthia, Kirkstall, Leeds

“Martin was an amazing driving instructor who is really chilled and helped me get over my massive driving anxiety (mainly😂) . I passed my test first time in Leeds with him after failing several other times in easier areas. I’m now driving around absolutely fine ! Thanks Martin 👏👏👏”

Danielle Ann Marie, Headingly, Leeds

“Patient and professional, friendly and flexible, I would highly recommend MD driving. Passed on the second go (first fail was all my fault!), Martin helped me through every step of the way and fulfilled every lesson to suit my needs and timetable. Couldn’t have asked for more!”

Stuart Robinson, Chapel Allerton, Leeds

“I had several refresher lessons with Martin and I could not recommend him highly enough. He’s incredibly reassuring and friendly. He moulds the session around your needs (I wanted to practice busy roundabouts, driving through the city centre and motorways) and gives you the confidence needed to stay calm and in control. The car itself is also really fun to drive. If you’re looking to build your confidence and be a safer driver, Martin’s your man!”

Georgina Walls, Hawksworth, Leeds

I definitely recommend Martin, he’s really patient and great at explaining things. Thanks so much”

Gem Holt, Woodhouse, Leeds

I would 100% recommend martin to anyone! He is cool calm and collected and instantly puts you as ease. I’ve had two previous instructors but neither were as reassuring and patient. He is a good teacher and is very methodical and thorough. I used to hate the thought of driving lessons, however now I think I actually might miss them.
Although I had lessons two years ago previously, Martin taught me in a total of 18 hours to pass first time!!
Massive thank you!”

Abbie Shaw, City Centre, Leeds

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