Driving Lessons Leeds

Driving Lessons Leeds

Driving lessons in Leeds are available for any aspect of road driving, whether you’re a brand new learner or simply want to improve your skills. Lessons will be structured to your individual needs and always have an emphasis on road safety. Lessons can be 1, 1 and a half or 2 hours long, with the latter giving a much greater time to work on the lesson subjects and ends up being cheaper in the long run as less total hours are needed.

Being a fully qualified DVSA ADI (Green badge) means that I have the qualifications, knowledge and experience required to instruct to a high standard.

Please contact me to discuss driving lessons. I cover most of Leeds and have flexible working hours throughout the week.

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Driving lesson types


MD driving professional standards


  • A discussion before your first lesson about your current driving ability and what is required from lessons.
  • Turning up on time to lessons, appropriately dressed and with a clean car.
  • Being polite, friendly, patient and professional towards you and other road users, during and outside of lessons.
  • Tuition vehicles are NO smoking at all times.
  • You should get the full lesson time as tuition and it will not be cut short unless you require it to be.
  • The car should have sufficient fuel for the lesson so that filling up during lessons is not required.
  • Not using a phone at all during lessons as it is illegal.


Your first driving lesson


If you have never driven before the first lesson usually follows this routine.
  • Meeting up and checking licence details.
  • Driving a short distance to somewhere suitable.
  • Going through the controls of the vehicle and how to make the car move and stop.
  • Putting this into practise.
  • Turning and cornering if time allows.

Ideally you will be driving from home without the instructor having to drive somewhere suitable as soon as possible to maximise the value of your lessons.

Find out more about the Theory and Driving tests here.


The Car


  • Ford Fiesta 1.0
  • Petrol engine
  • Manual transmission

An important factor of lessons is the tuition vehicle. You need to feel comfortable and confident to drive it. A newer car will be easier to drive than an old car with worn parts. The tuition vehicle will be replaced with a brand new one every year. Newer cars are generally safer to be in too. The new Ford Fiesta has 5 stars on Euro NCAP tests. Dual controls are fitted and the car has air-conditioning for comfort on the hotter days.